Nauczyciel i Wykładowca Akademicki - Test online - Próbne pytania i odpowiedzi egzaminacyjne

1 . Supervision and control over compliance with labor law is exercised by:

2 . An accident at work is any event:

3 . Who is responsible for the state of health and safety at work in the University:

4 . The rector may temporarily suspend classes in the college if the temperature in the halls is below:

5 . The teacher of the Higher school has the right to annual leave for:

6 . Higher education teachers are employed on the basis of:

7 . To apply for a health recovery leave, the high school teacher may seek to have worked in the college at least:

8 . The technical condition of the machinery, equipment, general condition of the laboratory, workshop or specialist laboratory shall be checked:

9 . For the safety of students and doctoral candidates while teaching classes responsible is:

10 . Stress at work is one of the following factors: