Pracownik Biurowy - Test online - Próbne pytania i odpowiedzi egzaminacyjne

1 . Supervision and control over compliance with labor law is exercised by:

2 . An accident at work is any event:

3 . The proper ratio of breath to the compressions bridge is:

4 . Responsibility for the health and safety at work in the establishment is:

5 . The working time of the adolescent worker over 16 years must not exceed:

6 . Periodic medical examinations shall be subject to:

7 . The accident protocol shall be made no later than:

8 . In the office room, the air temperature must not be less than:

9 . The adaptation of machinery, equipment, working tools and workstations and the environment to the anatomical and psychophysical characteristics and capabilities of man is dealt with:

10 . The permissible standard for the lifting of weights by women, at constant work, is: